Transport and logistics services


Your cargo, consignments and purchases are in safe hands!

TWB Logistics transportation services begin with loading the sender’s cargo at their specified place and end with delivering it to the destination safely and on time. We ensure an uninterrupted and well-run chain of logistics processes.

Cargo transportation services are provided throughout Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Lithuania.

We transport both full loads and partial loads requiring a more experienced operator.


Partial loads do not occupy the entire vehicle and are therefore combined with other partial loads. They are usually loaded at different points and delivered to the customer without additional reloading work, i.e. door to door. This service requires extensive experience and a reliable network of partners. TWB Logistics’ experience and its wide network of reliable partners will ensure that the service is performed to the highest quality, smoothly and securely.

Full loads are also transported without reloading, following the agreement and the customer’s needs.


Cargo transportation is performed in the following ways:

  • land transport between Europe and Eastern countries;
  • rail freight;
  • air freight. Cargo transportation by air is the safest and fastest way to transport cargo;
  • sea freight; these are usually partial loads. They require transportation using sea containers;
  • combined transport.


The most popular way of transporting cargo is road freight transport. This method is excellent for its reliability, speed, cost-effectiveness, ease of control, 24/7 tracking, and a great price to quality ratio.

Specialists at TWB Logistics will offer you the most suitable option and select the most optimal and economical route.


The most popular combined cargo transportation is carried out in the following ways:

Sea transport + Rail freight

Road transport + Rail freight

Air transport + Logistics by air transport

Sea transport + Road freight


TWB Logistics transportation services include transportation of standard, non-standard, temperature-sensitive or oversized cargo. We transport consignments of various sizes, food products, beverages, furniture, household appliances, plastic and metal products, tires, medicines and food supplements, cosmetics, dangerous cargo, etc.


Domestic and international road transport is carried out by the following means of transport:

  • cars with a load of up to 6 tons (approx. 50 m3);
  • standard lorries of various body types (90 m3);
  • road trains with a coupling device (110-120 m3);
  • JUMBO lorries (110-120 m3);
  • MEGA lorries (100 m3);
  • freight platforms of non-standard dimensions (gross up to 70 tons)


Additional cargo insurance is offered where the cargo is particularly expensive or at the request of the customer. The specialists at TWB Logistics will arrange all the necessary documents for the additional cargo insurance service.

Continuous and reliable cargo tracking by GPS is also offered on request. It offers a 24 hour access to monitor the movement of your cargo.

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