You can save by receiving proper warehousing services!

Warehousing services are especially relevant in cases where the loading process in a foreign country has to take place strictly at a time agreed in advance, while the cargo delivery itself is much later than the usual time when the cargo reaches the place of delivery. This is a necessary logistics chain for long distance haulage or in cases where the cargo has to be collected, consolidated from different suppliers and transported to one final recipient. This solution minimizes cargo transportation time and optimizes costs.


TWB Logistics’ warehouses are modern and can store all types of cargo. The modern racking system allows the cargo to be arranged properly, while our reliable stock record system monitors cargo movement and balances.

The security of stored cargo is ensured by our modern and continuous video surveillance system and our highly qualified 24/7 security staff.


Warehousing services provided by TWB Logistics


  • Long-term and short-term cargo warehousing in two types of company warehouses
  • Loading works (performed mechanically or manually)
  • Processing of cargo documents and preparation of reports
  • Sticker printing, goods stamping, revenue stamping
  • Sorting, selection and weighing of goods
  • Stacking goods on pallets and distributing them to final recipients
  • Product quality and document control


TWB Logistics Vilnius warehouses are of two types:

  • Class A warehouses. They can accommodate cargo that is not sensitive to temperature;
  • heated customs warehouses. These warehouses store temperature-sensitive cargo from foreign countries and excise goods. These warehouses are set up in accordance with certain customs rules and pursuant to the requirements for the following: operation and maintenance of the premises; storage of goods; warehousing procedures; preparation of stock records; handling, removal and completion of the procedure.


It is also possible to store your cargo in a protected outdoor area if it is resistant to outdoor temperatures or has non-standard dimensions.


By properly employing tools such as our modern warehouses, loading system, reliable stock records, professional staff and guaranteed security of stored cargo, we can provide our customers with the highest quality personalised services.

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