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Logistics is what we know best!

Transport Logistics Company TWB Logistics is your single source provider of all cargo transportation and storage services. We are an innovative logistics company; we understand that each customer is unique and requires individual cargo transportation solutions. The certified, professional and highly experienced TWB Logistics team will understand your needs and offer you a unique and optimal logistics service package.

The main direction of our work is international cargo transportation: transportation of small or large consignments, transportation of various goods categories, transportation of cargo that is large, oversized and sometimes of non-standard dimensions, as well as transportation of dangerous goods, ADR cargo.

At the same time, we also provide storage services in modern, innovative, A+ energy efficient warehouses designed according to the needs of our customers. Our A-class and customs heated warehouses in Vilnius are located in an easily accessible area that is protected at all times, and you can access them 24/7, if necessary. The modern racking system in the warehouses ensures suitable cargo storage conditions, while our professional stock record system informs about the movement and balance of the cargo. The warehouses are equipped to the highest standards, using energy-saving materials and innovative engineering solutions that ensure the highest quality of service and the lowest costs.

TWB Logistics also provides custom broker and fiscal agent services as well as 3PL activities.

We take our work very seriously, therefore all the services provided are of the highest quality. We aim to provide our customers with the fastest, most efficient, secure and cost-effective solutions. We are a reliable logistics partner because we care about your needs.

International cargo transportation and integrated transportation services require knowledge and experience, and you can rest assured that with the help of TWB Logistics’ professional team, its reliable partners and available resources, both your partial loads and standard integrated full loads will be loaded, transported and unloaded safely and on time. We will take care of every part of your cargo logistics chain.

Why choose us? All logistics services from one source!

Transportation and logistics

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Warehousing services are especially relevant in cases where the loading process in a foreign country has...

Customs broker

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3pl logistics

3PL services are third-party logistics services that help you to avoid additional costs...

TWB Logistics provides cargo transportation services throughout Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Lithuania.

Usually, the process of haulage in Lithuania or cargo transportation in the Baltic States is not that complicated, but international cargo transportation requires a thorough knowledge of the processes, the relevant local laws and specific requirements, especially when it involves countries outside the European Union.

International cargo transportation is not as simple as some goods sitting at the warehouse and a consignment note in the driver’s hand. In each country, cargo transportation is subject to different rules. A well-run and efficient door-to-door process often requires combined transport services such as:

  • land freight transportation;
  • storage services,
  • cargo insurance and additional cargo insurance on individual basis;
  • fiscal agent service;
  • a customs broker representative who ensures that the complex customs procedures run like clockwork;
  • sea freight;
  • air freight;
  • rail freight.

Logistics is a complex process that requires a lot of effort and time, so it is best to entrust it to professionals. TWB Logistics’ employees have extensive experience and are excellent specialists in their field, which means you can leave the challenges of transport logistics to them worry-free. Whether it is a large cargo or a small consignment, we guarantee that we will ship it in a way that is most suitable and efficient for you.



We are an innovative logistics company and share our expertise with our customers!

To maintain a consistently high level of reliability, stability and competitiveness, and to provide quality international services of transport logistics, freight forwarding, transportation of consignments, and transport services at optimal prices.

To establish ourselves in the top ten Lithuanian cargo transportation companies by revenue and to become the operator or owner of a medium-sized terminal in Lithuania and a partner or a shareholder in a strong international company’s logistics network.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality transport logistics services responsibly, safely, reliably and always on time.

Our Promise

Our Goals

To constantly make profit and create added value for customers and the company by completing the contracted jobs following the exact arranged provisions.

To earn and maintain the trust of our customers, employees and partners.


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